Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling energy with your hands

Is it possible to feel energy? Again, like seeing, a resounding yes.
However most of us cannot, not because we can't, but because we're so caught up with the physical world our senses are numbed. Furthermore how many ordinary humans are truly aware of their surroundings? A minuscule.
Ask a QiGong or TaiChi practitioner, (not the wannabes) and they will tell you how the chi moves/flows.
Ask a yogi doing Dhyan, Kundalini or some other intensive meditation (again not the wannabes) and they can even describe which chakra the chi is flowing to when they're meditating.
A simple exercise that anyone can try is to use our palms which happen to be the most energy sensitive part of our physical bodies. Here's how:
  • 1st you sensitize your palms by gently rubbing each palm with the other hand's fingers to activate your palm's chakras.
  • Next, imagine you are holding an imaginary ball with both hands in front if your body in a comfortable position.
  • Keep focusing on the empty space between your palms (the empty space that is the imaginary ball)
  • Now breathe in and out deeply while you continue focusing at that space.
  • Keep doing that deep breathing while focusing on that empty space between your palms.
  • Do you feel a sensation between your palms (or hands)?
  • Now while you continue the deep breathing and maintaining your focus as before, slowly move your hands apart a few cm. What do you feel?
  • Next move your hands closer a few cm. What do you feel?
If you are unsure, well don't think, just feel. If you have never experienced this before, your logical mind would not have any past experience to draw on to describe this sensation. That's why I say don't think, just feel. Then describe what you feel. Here's some typical sensations you may feel depending on how sensitive you are to energy:-
  1. warmth in between the hand (that space where the imaginary ball is);
  2. A tingling sensation at your palms and maybe even fingers;
  3. A mild current like sensation at your hands;
  4. As you moved your hands slightly further apart you may have felt something pulling your hands together;
  5. and when you moved them slightly nearer you may have felt some resistance.
Congratulations if you felt any of the above, you've just created an energy ball. What happened was as you breathed deeply, you were absorbing air Prana (chi) into your body and sending it out through your hands (fingers and palms) into that empty space between your hands. The accumulated chi forms an energy ball in between your hands. As you moved your hands slowly apart and together a few times the energy ball had an opposing reaction to your action.
Another simple exercise but one needing tools is with crystals. Not any crystal but crystal wands. Those pointy sharp ended long crystal wands. But I must say, you need an experienced person (healer) to help you here. The healer will use the wand. You just sit and be aware. Say you open your palm and be aware of your palm. Let the healer move the crystal around your palms. You should feel a strong piercing sensation moving on your palm tracing the movement of the crystal. Note, the crystal is NOT touching you.
If you don't feel anything, then you've literally got really thick skin (not sensitive to energy at all). This could be a sign that you've got loads of crap on your aura thus your body just can't feel it at all i.e. totally numb except for physical touch.

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